Disabled Veterans residing in Nursing Homes still like to have fun, too!


      VetsNiteOut 501c3.org

                                                                                                   A Token of Appreciation for Those Who Served...

                           VetsNiteOut supports TIPI - Turtle Island Project Innocence, and we are fiscal sponsors for them.

We have many INNOCENT Brothers and Sisters in prison in the United States today!  Some are Veterans - some are wives, children or relatives of Veterans - but all are wrongfully accused and deserve justice. 

"Native men are incarcerated at four times the rate of white men."

"In South Dakota, the state with the fourth highest percentage of Native American residents, Native Americans compose 60% of the federal caseload, but only 8.5% of the total population."

(Please see Article by Jake Flanagin, April 27, 2015:  "Native Americans are the unseen victims of a broken US justice system")

We all know that this in unconscionable.  It is shameful and embarrassing to most of us, and absolutely gut-wrenching to others.  Oh yes, it is much easier to just turn our heads and pretend it doesn't exist ... (I mean, we can't 'see it', right? And it doesn't really 'affect us') ... but once you actually realize that  it really DOES exist, it starts to eat at you, and it kind of haunts you ... 

You try to visualize yourself being locked up in a prison for over 2 decades (exactly the age of my granddaughter, at this writing!) for something you not only DID NOT DO .... but wasn't done period ... by anyone!  

You can imagine how helpless you would feel ... everyone has forsaken you ... no one is coming to help ... you are just stuck there...for the duration ... hoping and praying that someone will help.

If you are like us,  you know you have to try to do something.  And we know that not everyone feels this way, and that is just the way it is ... but if you feel as we do ... feel free to jump in any time!  We can use all the help we can get! 

TIPI Innocence Project needs funds to help the wrongfully accused and incarcerated ... and every little bit helps! 

We may not be able to do it ALL ... but TOGETHER we can do SOMETHING!